Everyone has


and we get that.

Like, when you’re hanging with your friends one night and someone brings over edibles, but you couldn’t have any. Not because you didn’t want to, but because you had that really important thing to do the next day that you can’t screw up or miss. Or maybe you did try some, but you woke up feeling like total crap for the next couple of days and regretted it.

Been there. Done that.

We’re two friends and many people from our circles have indulged in cannabis use to relax their body and mind. Eventually they noticed that they felt groggy and sluggish the next day after consuming edibles or smoking too much weed.

Our goal is to provide users a positive cannabis experience while also promoting talks about not just the highs, but also about the lows. Nobody really talks about that side of cannabis use, so we thought, maybe we should.

After all, life is all about experiences.

If you smoke weed regularly or consume edibles, you may be noticing short-term memory loss, slower motor functions, or slower metabolism due to the heavy consumption of junk food because you know, munchies. There are ways to help combat these areas, and we want to help you do that.

We’re doing this because we’ve seen first-hand that most people have experienced these drawbacks, and there was nothing on the market that helped users when they needed it, so we created the LIVLI supplements to do just that.



Cannabis really helped alleviate pain for a close friend of mine who went through a serious illness. While it was super helpful, she became less active and often had that foggy brain feel after cannabis use. She often would stay at home rather than go out.

We worked together with doctors to develop a custom supplement that really helped her to become more energetic and focused. We realized later that many other people also face similar drawbacks after cannabis use and this custom supplement could really be beneficial to them.



Being in martial arts for over 10 years, I’ve been surrounded by people who experienced constant injuries and muscle pain. I was introduced to CBD products and quickly learned about their impressive anti-inflammatory and pain management properties.

My training partners often take nootropics to remain focused and motivated while working out, which highlights the need to balance your body after consumption.

So, have fun, indulge and Live Livli.