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Some of the effects that you may already be aware of, are the very reasons one consumes cannabis: like the mind altering, calming and pain relieving effects. But, there are some other effects that can come about depending on the dosage such as, increased heart-rate and blood pressure, decreased reflexes and response time, and of course dry mouth and ravenous hunger!

Because THC tends to stick around in the fatty tissues for up to 2+ weeks, you may experience residual effects like, poor concentration, slower motivation and potential mood dysregulation. This is especially evident when you consume edibles, beverage or high potency strains.

It is also important to note that heavy use may put you at risk of infection due to the immunosuppressive effects of cannabis, a decrease in libido due to hormonal imbalance, increased body fat, and sleep disturbances.

The short answer is LIVLI supplements can enhance your high.

LIVLI MunchAssist supplement contains extracts rich in terpenes such as Myrcene that are well known to have synergistic effects with cannabis thus enhancing your high.

LIVLI MultiFormula are designed to help cannabis consumers recover quicker to enjoy cannabis experience to the fullest. The product boosts your metabolism thus facilitating processing THC/CBD and helps to ‘reset’ high cannabis tolerance for consumers who might be frequent users.

Our LIVLI supplements intentionally do not contain THC or CBD. Our products are designed to complement your cannabis experience, enhance your high and helps to get rid of bloating after munchies.

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MunchAssist is recommended for people who:
– get munchies after cannabis use and want to control the cravings
– get bloated and gain weight because of overeat
– want to control and manage their weight on a daily basis
– health-conscience people who work-out and do sports

For detailed explanation, please visit our Is Livli for Me?

Our proprietary formula helps to control your cravings, manage your weight, keeps your glucose levels in check and enhances your mood  

When your stomach is empty, hormone ghrelin is produced to tell your body that you are hungry.  Once your body has consumed enough food your body produces leptin which triggers a satiety effect that notifies the brain that you are full.

THC is known to mimic the effects of ghrelin and act on the same cell receptors to trigger hunger whether you are actually full or not. THC makes it hard for your body to control hunger and can lead to overeating.

MunchAssist combines select ingredients that cause satiate effect, help to regulate food intake and help with water retention to avoid bloating.

For detailed explanation, please visit our What’s In It Page and Science Stuff

MunchAssist has a unique combination of active ingredients offering a proprietary formula that helps to not only to control your cravings and weight, but also enhances your mood. In addition, the product contains extract rich in terpenes that are known to have a synergistic effect with cannabis and CBD.

Yes, MunchAssist is a daily supplement that should be taken daily in the mornings. Benefits of active ingredients accumulate over a period of time and are best seen after several weeks of us. As such, MunchAssist should be taken regularly and independent of your cannabis or CBD consumption


MultiFormula is recommended for people who:
– Professionals with stressful job environment
– Start-up families
– Health-conscious people who work-out and do sports
– Occasional cannabis and CBD consumers. If you consume every 2 months or more frequently, Livli is for you
– Regular cannabis and CBD consumers

For detailed explanation, please visit our Is Livli for Me?

Our proprietary formula helps to drive energy, improve focus, metabolism and immune system. LIVLI is also a good source of anti-oxidants to remove free radicals and to detox the body.  

LIVLI MultiFormula provides cannabis users with a source of micronutrients that support the basic bodily functions. Other multi-vitamins on the market provide a source of nutrients that may be lacking in a standard American diet of the general population, while our supplement line address specific nutrient requirements that the cannabis user inadvertently falls into.

LIVLI targets lung health by providing a source of antioxidants; repletes minerals, amino acids and methyl donors required for activation and elimination of cannabis; and supports neurological functions by both stimulating neurotransmitter synthesis and release. In addition to nutraceuticals, LIVLI formulations contain botanicals specifically targeted to boost energy, cognition, immune system and support metabolism.

For detailed explanation, please visit our What’s In It Page and Science Stuff

The short answer is yes. Although LIVLI MultiFormula is designed with a cannabis user in mind, an infrequent or even a non-user will see similar benefits from supplementing them in similar ways. The nutrients in the formulation play important roles in preventing heart disease, liver damage, and cancer. Nootropic herbs help with cognition and energy. That’s why LIVLI MultiFormula is designed is a daily supplement that should be taken independent of cannabis consumption.

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