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Some of the effects that you may already be aware of, are the very reasons one consumes cannabis: like the mind altering, calming and pain relieving effects. But, there are some other effects that can come about depending on the dosage such as, increased heart-rate and blood pressure, increased agitation and aggression, decreased reflexes and response time, and of course dry mouth and ravenous hunger!

Also, because the THC component tends to stick around in the fatty tissues for up to 2 weeks, you may experience residual effects like, poor concentration, slower motivation and potential mood dysregulation.

It is also important to note that heavy use may put you at risk of infection due to the immunosuppressive effects of cannabis, a decrease in libido due to hormonal imbalance, increased body fat, and sleep disturbances.

LIVLI’s daily supplements are designed to help the cannabis user recover quicker, and prevent the potential side effects of chronic use. Although these supplements are not expected to interfere with your high, we still advise to take the Livli supplements in the morning.

That being said, our next day recovery product may have an impact if taken at the same time as cannabis consumption, because it’s intended to boost energy rather than mellow you out. We are also working on several new products including an herbal antidote which would alleviate a “bad” high, so keep checking back for updates!

No, our current LIVLI supplement line does not contain THC or CBD, but we will be looking to utilize the CBD and THC oils in our future formulations.

LIVLI supplements work by counteracting the negative effects of cannabis. Our daily supplements are specifically targeted to provide cannabis users with a source of micronutrients that support the basic bodily functions. It also helps to provide the user with vitamins that they may be lacking, in order to maintain an optimal immune system and metabolism.

Our cognitive line is formulated to stabilize neurotransmitter levels. The daily cognitive pills are designed to improve your memory, concentration mood and tolerance to stress for chronic cannabis users. The next day recovery powder is designed to give that extra boost of energy and focus for the infrequent cannabis user.

Although the LIVLI products are designed with a cannabis user in mind, an infrequent or even a non-user may still benefit from supplementing them in similar ways. The nutrients in the multivitamin supplement play important roles in preventing heart disease, liver damage, and cancer.

The daily cognitive pills help to build up stress tolerance over time and enhances cognitive function. Also, the ingredients in the next day recovery powder increase levels of neurotransmitters that were suppressed by cannabis. So, any non-user that’s feeling a little low on motivation, stressed out or low on nutrients can and should give any of these products a try!

LIVLI supplements are designed to combat the lingering after-effects of consuming cannabis. Other multi-vitamins on the market provide a source of nutrients that may be lacking in a standard American diet of the general population, while our supplement line address specific nutrient requirements that the cannabis user inadvertently falls into. LIVLI targets lung health by providing a source of antioxidants; repletes minerals, amino acids and methyl donors required for activation and elimination of cannabis; and supports neurological functions by both stimulating neurotransmitter synthesis and release. In addition to nutraceuticals, LIVLI formulations contain botanicals specifically targeted to boost energy, cognition and immune system, support metabolism and protect against neurodegeneration.

The long term effects of using LIVLI supplements include clarity of mind, increased energy, and improved blood sugar regulation, fat metabolism, and protein utilization. Were you expecting something negative?

Please remember to use each product as directed on the bottle. If you plan to take it beyond the suggested dose, I would advise you to do so under the care of a natural health care practitioner.

You’ll be pleased to learn that LIVLI supplements contain natural ingredients that target the organ systems often affected by cannabis consumption. These ingredients include Vitamin B to support metabolism, antioxidants to support your immune system, and amino acids to support neurotransmitter functions.

Each product formula is also tailored with several evidence based medicinal herbs that are involved in mood regulation, energy production, and inflammation

No, you don’t need a prescription to use LIVLI products. Our formulations are made from natural health products, containing herbs, vitamins and minerals, and contain no pharmaceuticals or synthetic compounds. We are proud to say that our products are organic, free from GMOs and artificial colorants and additives.

In order to prevent drug-to-nutraceutical interactions, we wouldn’t recommend mixing LIVLI supplements with your medication. I advise you to consult with a natural health care provider prior to taking any supplements or any over the counter products if you have allergies, are taking any medications, or suffering from a medical condition such as a kidney or liver problem. Each of our products has a list of warnings and cautions for your review.

LIVLI supplements can be safely stored at room temperature in a sealed container. You are free to store on your kitchen counter, a shelf, or any other dry convenient space in your home.

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