5 life style changes

5 Lifestyle Changes to Enhance Your Mood & Mental Health

During these cold, dreary winter months, it is essential that we truly take good care of mental health and emotional well-being. As a society, we are finally putting a focus on our mental health but addressing is not enough. It’s vital that we all review our own lives and see what changes we can make to improve our own mental wellness. Not everyone is able to hop on a plane to get away on a sunny beach vacation, so we want to offer 5 lifestyle changes that you can make in your daily life, to help enhance your mood and mental health.

Daily Diet

No, we are not recommending that kind of diet. Instead, we want to highlight the importance of being cognizant of what you are consuming on a daily basis. Take a good look at what you eat every day to see where you can make some easy changes that can help boost your mood.

● Limit and monitor your alcohol intake, most alcoholic beverages are high in sugar

● Include more unprocessed, whole foods in your daily meals

● Create a healthy-eating plan to stick with during the week (or whenever your regular workdays are)

● Keep the junk food and treats out of your pantries and kitchen!


If you already workout out regularly, you know the benefits are true. Exercise has been proven to be a consistent mood booster from the natural rush of adrenaline your body produces. Post-workout, you get to enjoy the benefits of your body’s endorphins and other “feel-good” chemicals to really enhance your mood and long term mental wellness. It has also been known to reduce anxiety, stress, and feelings of depression. In addition to all of these benefits, you’ll certainly stay in shape, get fitter, and feel great about your physical health as well.


Newer studies have proved that gut bacteria are linked with your brain, and these studies have found that probiotics have had positive effects on depression symptoms. Research results showed that after taking probiotics, it improved depression symptoms that were associated with parts of the brain that involve mood. Introduce more foods that are packed with probiotics such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, or tempeh.


Here’s an old school trick: read more! Whether you are already a consistent reader or if you feel like reading is a chore, take some time to unplug and get lost in a book. Those who find it hard to sit and read, find some time to make it a regular habit several times a week to allow yourself to read, and only read. We’re constantly bombarded with noise and media these days so taking the time to focus on your mind helps us to all disconnect and brighten your mood when you finish.

Vitamins & Supplements

Aside from ensuring that your regular diet includes enough nutrition-packed foods, consider adding vitamins or other supplements to your daily routine as well. The two most vital vitamins that our bodies need are Vitamin C & D. Lack of vitamin C could leave you feeling depressed and fatigued and an increase of vitamin D intake helps improve your mood and reduce psychological distress. Those who enjoy a glass of wine or consume cannabis to relax can also reap the benefits of taking additional vitamins and supplements. Livli provides all-natural products that help boost your mood made with organic, herbal ingredients. Smoking weed and taking supplements is a perfectly healthy way to maintain your internal balance and well-being as well as your physical health. Try Livli’s multivitamin, which can help you fill in those nutritional gaps.