avoiding munchies

Avoiding the Munchies

It’s Friday night and you want to kick back with a joint and relax on the couch while you binge through your favourite TV series. However, you know yourself really well by now and know that about 15 minutes after your smoke, those munchies will hit you, and they will hit you hard. So how can you enjoy your high without constantly being bogged down by inevitable hunger? Firstly, think about what your cravings are like while you are still sober. The key is to know exactly how your body and mind will react, and how to create an environment for yourself that’s free from temptations.

Different strains of cannabis can give you a different type of high, which is why you should be aware of what strains you’re planning to consume in a specific environment. Sativas are known to give you energy, make you feel upbeat and happy, while Indicas are known to give you a hazy, relaxing high. Additionally, everyone’s body will react differently to each strain. Some Indicas may wake you up, whereas some Sativas will give you a full-body high, keeping you locked on the sofa.


Know the type of strain you’re planning to have and know exactly how to set your environment around you in a way that helps you avoid excessive munching. While you are still sober, ensure that there are no treats or junk food readily available, allowing you to keep them out of immediate reach. Let’s face it, when you’ve consumed any type of marijuana, the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” actually applies. Without being able to easily access your stash of usual treats, you’ll naturally forget about what you have stocked in your pantry. If you notice that you’re the type of person to immediately order takeout, get rid of those delivery apps! Or at least delete them when you really want to control your temptations and ensure that you don’t find yourself mindlessly ordering that pizza. Set yourself up for success and hide those snacks from yourself!


One of the most stereotypical traits when you’re high is how forgetful you can be. It’s not just a simple cliché, those who are intoxicated find themselves easily moving onto a new thought, task, or conversation. Take advantage of how quickly the brain tends to forget after smoking cannabis or marijuana and allow yourself to get distracted with something other than food. Whether you’re hanging out with other friends or enjoying a solo smoke, prepare an activity in advance so that you don’t find yourself looking for snacks and treats.

Appetite Suppressant

After trying all these different mind games with yourself or ensuring that there are no snacks in your kitchen, you may still need a little help to beat your own cravings because sometimes willpower just won’t cut it when you’re high. There are a couple of natural ways to suppress your appetite – ensuring that you’ve eaten a full meal beforehand, eating certain types of foods that make you feel fuller, or even something as simple as staying hydrated. But beyond these simple remedies, the best solution for smoking weed and taking supplements are these pills to curb appetite by Livli.

Munchassist is an all-natural product made with high quality, herbal ingredients that organically suppresses the munchies for the next time you light up. Instead of trying all the ways to trick yourself into believing that you’re not hungry, try Munchassist and see if they’re the answer to stop you from binging everything in your kitchen pantry.