Multivitamin Supplements

Can Supplements Make You Happy?

As any health professional will say, the best advice for boosting your mood or maintaining good energy levels is through a well-balanced diet, eating right and at appropriate times, and getting a good night’s sleep. Everything we consume or do in our daily routines contribute to both our physical and mental well being; therefore, it’s imperative that we’re conscious about what we eat and when we eat. But even with a consistent regimen, it can be hard to stay on track with our ever-changing busy schedules. At Livli, we believe that you can fill in those nutritional gaps with the right supplements and vitamins. Here are some of our ideas on which supplements can help uplift you with more positive feelings and boost your overall mood.


Vitamin B12, along with other B vitamins, is vital for turning food into energy; maintaining a healthy amount of B12 in your diet helps to fight fatigue as well as symptoms of depression and anxiety. Taking B12 and other Vitamin B supplements can help regulate your body’s nerves and blood cells, which in turn, allows you to feel energized and ready to take on the day.


Iron deficiency can result in anemia, which can cause your body to feel tired, fatigued and weak. Ensuring that you have enough iron can help keep those energy levels up and fight those negative feelings of exhaustion. Iron can be naturally found meats and seafood, but are also prevalent in hearty vegetables such as spinach and lentils. If your meals include enough iron-rich foods, but you still feel a lack of energy, try out an iron supplement and figure out which works best for your body.


We already know that caffeine fuels the beginning of a lot of our mornings, but there are many people who avoid coffee, tea, and sodas because of how intense the side effects can be. Many people find that drinking coffee throughout the day can tamper with your mood, causing those “caffeine crashes”. After the initial jump in energy, excess caffeine may lead to an increase in irritability, anxiousness, and restlessness. Luckily, supplements that combine caffeine with L-theanine, allow you to enjoy the positive effects of caffeine without those negative reactions. Studies have even found that caffeine and L-theanine supplements have resulted in improved memory and physical reaction time, as well as a decrease in mental fatigue.


Sometimes, it’s easier to find a solution for all the nutrients that are lacking in your body. Whether you’re a frequent cannabis smoker or not, the regular upkeep of our health takes a backseat and our bodies require a little bit of extra help. Livli’s multivitamin is great for filling in those nutritional gaps, made with natural and herbal ingredients. This multivitamin works hard as brain food, gives your metabolism a boost, lung and liver support, increases your energy levels and helps to keep your heart healthy.