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Immune-supporting Nutraceuticals to Keep you Healthy

Looking for a natural simple way to boost your immune system and give your health a much-needed revival? Finding a balanced diet and time to focus on your internal wellness is becoming increasingly difficult in our busy lives. Between work, family, and a variety of activities in between, it’s easy to forget about our immune […]

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The Relationship Between Your Immune System & Viruses

It cannot be emphasized enough how important having a healthy immune system helps your body fight off viruses on a daily basis. By strengthening your immunity, it increases your body’s ability to fight off any viruses, flu, and/or infectious diseases. By understanding that your health directly affects your natural defenses, you will be better equipped […]

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The Effect of Cannabis on Appetite, Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

While we are already aware of the effects that marijuana has on our appetites (it obviously increases our hunger), less is known about how its use affects the body’s blood sugar and insulin levels. A study was done by epidemiologists at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine, the Harvard School of Public Health and […]

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