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Supplements to Suppress Overeating While in Isolation

Now that we’re spending more time in our main domain with our snack stash within easy reach, it’s natural to feel more tempted to counter boredom and stress with a few extra bites. Your comfort food collection becoming more enticing since pre-isolation days is actually a science-backed phenomenon—bouts of isolation can create cravings similar to […]

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Self-Isolation: how to boost your mood and enthusiasm

Self-isolation can be tough on the human psyche, especially when there is so much about the current situation that is still up in the air. If you are in desperate need of a little mood-booster, we’ve compiled a few things you can do from the comfort of your home to start seeing positive returns and […]

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CBD and Sports: Why Cannabidiol is Becoming a Popular Alternative for Recovery

There are about three things we are absolutely certain of in the world of sports: 1. There are winners; 2. There are losers; and 3. Injuries are common, and more so, expected. Whether the contract is real or imagined, everyone who’s physically active needs to enter into an agreement: you could, and likely will – […]

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