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Does Marijuana Cause Hunger, Red Eyes, & Cottonmouth?

It’s not just an overused, pop-culture stereotype – the three most common instant effects of marijuana are hunger, red eyes, and “cottonmouth”. With legalization and recreational cannabis being consumed publicly and openly, users are more inclined to search for some ideas to combat these 3 pesky traits. No one likes to have bloodshot eyes or uncontrollable munchies, as cannabis users are much more likely to come as a variety of adults and are no longer the teenage pothead that comes mind. So how do we manage these obvious symptoms after enjoying a relaxing smoke?

Why do I get “cottonmouth”?

Find any solution to a problem is to look for the root causes. Having “cottonmouth” or “dry-mouth” is the most frequent symptom and is directly connected to your increased appetite.

When smoking cannabis (with any method – pipe, joint, vape, etc), dry mouth occurs because of the way cannabinoids within the plant react to the endocannabinoid system – a series of receptors on surface cells” that live throughout the human body. Both the internal and external cannabinoids (endocannabinoids and phytocannabinoids) trigger these receptors, which respond with reactions to your appetite, mood, inflammation, and other bodily functions as well. The domino effect of this “dry mouth” feeling causes us to reach for anything to drink or eat to activate and boost saliva to help relieve that parched feeling.

What about the red-eye?

What about those bloodshot eyes? Thanks to THC. When you consume marijuana it will increase the body’s blood pressure similar to the way it goes up when you do any physical activity. As your heart rate returns to normal, the blood pressure lowers and the dilation of blood vessels causes an escalation in blood flow to your eyes, making them appear red. However, this may differ for each person.

What to do

The most obvious answer to cottonmouth is water! And it works. Keep yourself hydrated and have plenty of water in sight and not only will it help with dry mouth, but it will also help repress your need to eat as well. In regards to the red-eye, any over the counter eye drops used to reduce redness or allergies will work. Pick up a bottle of Visine and you’re ready to go.


If you’re looking to combat the munchies, keep yourself prepared for the next time you plan to light up. You could gather a feast of healthy snacks, like fruits and vegetables, but we know in reality that we’ll want to reach for the bag of chips. Ensure that you’re full of regular meals or consider trying a natural appetite suppressant to help crush the munchies. Smoking weed and taking supplements to help you enjoy smoking without feeling constantly hungry is an ideal situation. These tested and all-natural pills to curb appetite called Munchassist by Livli can do the trick. Made with herbal and natural ingredients, these are a safe alternative to keep your appetite at bay while appreciating all the other benefits of cannabis.