elevate experience with cannabis

Elevate Your Experiences With Cannabis

Let’s face it, you don’t have to be a hippy or an addict to enjoy a toke or two. With more and more countries moving towards the acceptance of marijuana, you no longer need to suffer from a serious medical condition to reap the rewards. Let’s take a dive into the benefits of cannabis and the circumstances under which it may elevate your experiences.

From the Social Worrier to the Butterfly

Being social does not come easy to everyone, especially if you fall more on the introverted scale. Introverts generally enjoy having time to themselves and are able to concentrate and get motivated when alone; and sometimes they can be overstimulated or overwhelmed after spending more than expected amount of time in group settings. This is where a little bit of cannabis can improve your quality of life.

Low dose stimulation of the endocannabinoid system can help calm the mind and relax the body after a stressful situation by reducing anxiety-like behaviours. It can also help slow down the thought patterns, allowing you to channel into creative ideas for a deeper, more fulfilling conversation. Benefits of cannabis are highly dependent on the right dose, strain and the terpene profile, so please indulge carefully, and remember to balance out with LIVLI’s essential multivitamins for cannabis users.


Whether you are into extreme sports, long hikes, all-nighters or you just like to challenge yourself on a regular basis – age tends to catch up to us all. Exposure to continuous chronic stressors, even if they are self-induced, can leave your body at risk of developing long-standing inflammation, increasing the risk of developing chronic joint aches and pains. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main, non-psychoactive, components of cannabis which has positive effects on inflammation. So go-ahead and invest in a CBD rich oil to speed up that recovery by exploiting the immune-modulating benefits of cannabis.

The Foodie

You don’t have to be a world proclaimed food critic or Gordon Ramsay to know a thing or two about food. If that sounds like you, then you would be glad to know that cannabis can elevate your dining experience. Marijuana does not just increase your appetite; pre-clinical data suggests that it also helps users reduce portion sizes. It does so by triggering a surge of the hormone called ghrelin, which is responsible for stimulating appetite. At the same time, it modifies the concentration of mind-altering chemicals in the brain that are responsible for the sensation of reward and euphoria.

As you become more motivated to seek out food, your heightened perception of reward will be triggered leaving you satisfied quicker than you would have been had you not indulged in a little bit of weed. This beneficial effect of cannabis can help keep you satisfied as you sample from different menus without becoming overly full and stuffed.

Keep in mind – the effect of cannabis is highly dependent on your personal biochemistry and epigenetics, as well as the strain, concentration and the interactive synergy of other components of the plant. Even infrequent use can have a massive effect on your body’s homeostasis. Whether it’s from smoking marijuana or the impact it leaves on the liver, it is an indulgence that needs to be compensated. LIVLI’s essential multivitamins for cannabis users can help you!

Remember, cannabis is classified as a psychoactive drug and should never be used as a self-prescribed treatment for any mental health disorder, including social or generalized anxiety, eating disorders, or depression. Please seek out a registered health care professional for support and management, or visit letstalk.bell.ca for resources.