Exercising While High – Marijuana and Fitness

‘Tis the season of change! New Year resolutions are on everyone’s minds, with the biggest challenge of all: (re)starting a gym routine and getting fit. Let’s face it, how many of us will actually commit to and accomplish this goal?

I’m getting stressed out just thinking about exercising. And when there’s stress, a little THC can go a long way to ease the dreadful pressure, doom and gloom we so easily put on ourselves this time of year.

But before you go ahead and decide to work out while high, you might want to consider a few things first.

Should You Be Smoking Marijuana Before a Workout?

Before you decide on smoking a joint before hitting the gym, you should check in with your ticker. Marijuana has an immediate and complex effect on the heart. During exercise, the heart rate naturally increases, but smoking pot before exercising will further up that rate and cause the blood pressure to spike up and then drop down.

Spoiler alert: that’s not a good thing. Sudden changes in blood pressure may cause dizziness and fainting, which is never fun, especially when you are handling heavy machinery and could seriously get hurt.

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Overcoming Gym Anxiety

We understand that gyms can be very intimidating, and having a toke to give an extra confidence boost can be very tempting. Also working out while high can make endurance exercise much more enjoyable.

Some users experience a state of dissociation from reality, which acts as a nice distraction while you hit those mile goals on the treadmill or bike.

Other users report a boost in confidence, especially when it comes to performance exercises like group sports and weight lifting. It also calms the mind, making the post-game chatter easier for the not so sociable introvert.

How Does Smoking Weed Affect Your Athletic Performance?

If social anxiety and performance are not your biggest concerns, but motivation is – we feel you, but you might want to rethink working out while high. The physical and psychological repercussions of smoking pot before a workout can be detrimental for the elite athlete.

You can expect to experience the same effects of weed including reduced alertness, slowed reflexes, and decreased motor coordination. In other words, clumsiness!

Your motivation to push through and continue the workout may also be diminished. If you tend to get the stoner munchies, you better have a healthy dinner ready and handy, because exercise can actually increase the THC concentration in your blood. So, if you’ve never used marijuana before exercise in the past and you’re planning to start, then you should prepare for a much more intensified experience.

In short, if you’re planning to begin your new year resolution by working out while high, we won’t stop you, we highly recommended sticking to endurance exercise, bring a sober companion, hydrate well and make sure you have healthy snacks for consumption post work out. Don’t forget to take your Livli supplements daily, all natural multi-vitamin supplements for cannabis users. It will help you recover quicker and help prevent the potential side effects of chronic use.