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How Can I Curb My Appetite?

It’s the beginning of the year and many of us are trying to detox and get rid of all the empty, delicious calories we guiltily consumed over the holidays. Like everyone else in January, you want to eat less and eat better, but can you do it without compromising your health or giving up your favourite snacks? Whether you find yourself hungry after a big workout, or if you’re looking for a treat while watching TV or a movie, make sure you eat and stock the right foods in your pantry to help curb your appetite.

Why our brains crave extra food

While we all tend to joke about our love affair with chocolate bars or an obsession with french fries, research has shown that food addiction is real. Our bodies react to these sugary and tempting foods by releasing dopamine (the “pleasure” chemical in the human brain that gives a sense of satisfaction and happiness). In turn, our brains tell us that we need more of it, spurring our cravings even further. It becomes a never-ending cycle, but we have some helpful tips for all types of food lovers on how you fight those cravings.

It’s hard enough to fight the temptations in your kitchen, but now our phones have enabled us to order a huge variety of enticing junk food, right to our doorstep through an app. So how can we tell our brains to stop reaching for the fridge or phone? Simple tweaks to your lifestyle and eating habits have been proven to effectively change your appetite and suppress those cravings for treats.

Meal Plans

Ensure you have a regular schedule of similar food planned out for your week. When you eat the same basic foods routinely, your brain stops thinking of food as a reward so it can help stop you from craving treats in the long term.

Healthy Snacks

It’s okay to eat more than your 3 main meals every day, but those snacks should consist of healthy, filling foods to keep you from constant munching. Try having a light snack 30 minutes before each meal – something as simple as an apple or a handful of nuts. It can sometimes take around half an hour for your stomach to send signals to your brain that indicate you’re full, so give your body a bit of a head start with a small nutritious snack.

Smaller Portions

Trick your brain with an easy optical illusion – switch your usual plates or bowls for smaller dishes and give yourself smaller meal portions. The food will fill your plate and cheat your brain into thinking that you are eating more.

Natural Suppressants

Sticking to any diet is hard so we also recommend trying a natural appetite suppressant to help further overcome the munchies or food cravings. Livli’s pills to curb appetite work like a charm; their MunchAssist is packed with essential herbs, minerals, and terpenes that have been studied and tested to work as a natural way to suppress your hunger if you need that extra little boost of willpower.