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How can I stop myself from smoking weed and binge eating?

Sometimes, smoking weed can hinder your plans for a healthy diet or any detox you’re planning to do during your sober hours. For those who smoke marijuana, either infrequently or regularly, you know that when the munchies hit you, it’s hard to fight that urge. You find yourself aimlessly looking at your fridge and pantry or scrolling through your food delivery apps and before you know it, you’re binging through a family-sized bag of chips all by yourself.

Along with unwanted weight gain and extra calories, having a late-night snack habit can also lead to indigestion, heartburn, and can also affect your sleep. Luckily, we have several ideas on how you can combat those intense hunger cravings and beat your appetite, no matter how high you are…or at least try to!

Healthy Snacks Only

Keep your snack habits and skip out on the junk food by cleaning out your kitchen and get rid of all the unhealthy options. Get your pantry ready for the next time you decide to consume cannabis because any form of consumption can give you the munchies. Ensure that you have a selection of different healthy options to choose from, but make sure that you enjoy eating them – let’s not kid ourselves, you won’t reach for a plate of carrots and celery when you’re high. Next time you know that you’ll be smoking weed or having an edible, stock your shelves with your personal favourite healthy snacks such as nuts, trail mix, or granola (crunchy treats are always a great choice when you’re intoxicated). Even if you don’t feel like eating any of your junk-free snacks, at least you won’t be able to reach for a pint of ice cream and maybe even be deterred from your array of vegetables.

Get Off the Couch

When you’re sitting static on a couch, whether you’re watching TV or a movie, staying in one place will allow your mind to wander, get bored, and get hungry. When we stay in one place, we tend to reach for those snacks quicker because if you take yourself elsewhere to do a physical activity, you’ll be much more distracted from the hunger. Keep your mind occupied and avoid thinking about eating by staying focused on doing something else – whether you’re going for a stroll outside or even doing some house chores will get your brain thinking about the task, rather than your urge to binge eat.

Pills That Curb Your Appetite

While regular cannabis users don’t typically think about smoking weed and taking supplements, we recommend this option for those who need a little extra help fending off those snacks. In addition to being a natural appetite suppressant, Livli’s Munchassist can help you stay on track with your diet and even get rid of that pesky cotton mouth aftereffect.

Next time you plan to light up, plan out your night and try these helpful tips to combat the munchies.


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