how to be healthy stoner

How to Be an Active Stoner

Marijuana is often paraded as the antithesis of alcohol – no beer goggles, no stingy aftertaste, and best of all: no recovery time! For gym-rats who like to have a good time and get ahead of the curve, what could be better?

But unfortunately, as time would reveal, things aren’t so glamorous, and the hangover-free morning you were promised isn’t exactly as you had imagined it. Sure, you’re not hunched over a toilet seat suffering from painful alcohol-induced dry heaves, but you don’t exactly feel good. Your head feels foggy, your vision’s crooked, and, let’s face it, you’re a little dazed and confused.

At this point working out is the last thing on your mind. What’s the difference between that and watching Netflix in bed all day, anyway? Surely there are calories to be lost from being completely sedentary for hours on end. Right?

How to Recover from Edibles?

Stop cancelling your tomorrows – easier said than done, we know. A good night does not have to leave foiled plans and missed workouts in its wake. If you’re a fitness junkie who loves to indulge in the occasional edible, there is no longer a need to choose between the two highs.

The effects of edibles can take several hours to recover from depending on the dosage and a person’s tolerance, but one of the most helpful things you can do when you’re detoxing is actually the thing that you planned on doing in the first place: get your body moving! This is not the time to be hitting ‘snooze’ every ten minutes.

We know it’s hard and that the idea of “just ten more minutes…” is tempting. For that reason, we also recommend taking supplements designed for cannabis users to give you that extra push.  LIVLI daily supplements provide you with an essential energy boost to help you take on the day. Key ingredients such as Tyrosine and L-theanine protect against mental fatigue and helps make the grogginess of a weed hangover not-so-debilitating.

You may also be experiencing dehydration, especially if your edible of choice was a sweet or salty snack. While we’re sure you know the benefits of having water on-hand during a workout, it’s important to replenish yourself right as you wake up as well.  


How to Stay Healthy as a Stoner?

The term ‘stoner’ is all-too-often synonymized with ‘lazy,’ but we don’t think that’s fair. Plenty of those who enjoy a nice head-high also enjoy the upkeep of their health; they’re not mutually exclusive.

If you find yourself wondering how to stay healthy, we highly recommend nutritious alternatives to munchies, and to stick to water when cottonmouth hits.

Since the effects of marijuana can take several hours to recover from, we also suggest that you give yourself plenty of rest so that your body can regulate.

Keeping your body active is one of the best things that you can do to overcome any adverse effects you experience the day after. Your body is craving activity, so regardless of how good a Friends’ marathon looks for the umpteenth time, drink some water, take daily vitamins for cannabis users like LIVLI, and go put the work in!