healthy munchies for stoners

Healthy Munchies for Stoners: Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

New year, new you, new habits! Holidays can be stressful, not just on the pocket, but also on the mind and body. Sticking to healthy eating is tough during this particular season, and let’s face it: we’ve all been indulging, and not just in food. If you are like us, you are constantly looking for healthy munchies to settle that craving.

So here’s what we found works best:

First things first, you have to identify the food groups that make you feel bloated gassy, fatigued and heavy. Whether it’s milk or grain products or even chocolate, everyone has their one dietary nemesis. Mine is a love and hate relationship with chips! Rice chips, potato chips, and corn chips – they all make me bloated.

Instead, to satisfy that craving for something salty and crispy, I switched to kale chips, zucchini crisps and cauliflower popcorn. These alternatives make for deliciously healthy munchies.

Enough about me, here are the top 5 most common food sensitivities and my most favorite alternatives for them:

  1. Dairy can be replaced by vegan options such as coconut-based cheese, almond-based spreads, dips and ice-cream (shout out to my favs: Coconut Bliss and Fiasco Gelato)
  2. Gluten has been so popularized that there are now isles of gluten-free options: my favorites are Glutino pretzels, Udi’s gluten-free mac & cheese, and if you’re a cook at heart: homemade keto pizza pockets!
  3. Eggs – this is a tough one, especially for those in love with making edibles. Eggs are used in cooking as a binder. Instead, try using 1 tbsp of flax meal or chia seeds or simply some mashed bananas.
  4. Corn – simple, switch to alternatives for chips I mentioned above or use fresh veggies to dip in salsa  
  5. Yeast – again this component is mostly used as a key ingredient in baking pastries. Instead of yeast containing pastries, you can use equal parts of baking soda and lemon juice.

Try to identify which one of these common food groups doesn’t sit well with you, and next time you’ve got the stoner munchies, go for an alternative instead! If you’re not a fan of trial-and-error, and all about the science, you can get the exact list of foods that trigger your immune system by running food sensitivity blood test through Rocky Mountain Analytical with your local Naturopathic Doctor.

Prepare For A Healthy High

Most of us have heard of the benefits for probiotics, but prebiotics are just as important. This tip is for the ravenously hungry stoner or the one who constantly gets the burps even after just a couple of bites: always begin your healthy munchies endeavors with pre-digestives like pickles, sauerkraut, kombucha or kefir.

Recovery From The (Not So) Healthy Munchies

Some may find it difficult to find the food group that they’re most sensitive to. Here are some tips to recover from overindulging in junk food. To alleviate cramping, bloating and gas, try a cup of chamomile and peppermint tea. If you’re not into teas, you can try chewing on some fennel seeds. Not only will they ease indigestion, but also freshen up your breath, and stimulate saliva production easing the pains of dry mouth. Sparkling water with a couple of fresh ginger root slices can take care of any nausea.

And finally, if you’re left a little backed up (TMI, I know), a warming castor oil belly rub can get things moving – start in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen and massage in a clockwise direction.

Hope these tips help you stay healthy and satisfied with your cravings. HAPPY SNACKING!