Supplements To Help Boost Your Mood

Supplements To Help Boost Your Mood

There are a variety of different natural ways that you can add vitamins and/or supplements to your daily diet that help boost your mood. Ensuring that you have a healthy internal system that will affect the brain, which is not only important for your physical health but vital for regulating emotional and mental wellbeing. Introducing and including a variety of nutrients into your regimen can truly make an impact in helping the brain combat symptoms of depression, anxiety, and overall temperament. Try out our suggestions for nutritional supplements and see which options work best for you and your lifestyle.


Probiotics, also frequently referred to as the good type of “gut bacteria”, is known to be highly beneficial to your internal and digestive health, but has been proven to help increase the production of dopamine in the brain as well. If and when we allow harmful bacteria to enter our system, it can cause a decrease in dopamine. Study results have seen how probiotics (whether consumed in food or supplements), has the ability to increase dopamine production in the brain, which in turn helps to improve depressed moods or feelings of anxiety.


Omega-3 is one of those nutrients found in food that are commonly known as “good fats”. This vital fatty acid helps to contribute to your overall brain health and even takes up 18% of the brain’s weight! Because our bodies cannot naturally produce Omega-3, we need to ensure that we intake enough or take supplements to offset the imbalance if there is a deficiency. If you lack Omega-3, it can cause fatigue, mood swings, increase in distress, and even memory loss. Consuming enough of this powerful nutrient is essential to help combat daily stress, signs of depression, and symptoms of anxiety.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is frequently associated with its effect on dopamine levels within the brain. Maintaining the right amount of vitamin D intake is essential to regulating specific neurotransmitters that can influence your mood and mental well-being. Those of us living in colder climates can relate to the direct impact on our moods when we hit those winter months and immediately feel the lack of vitamin D (from sun exposure). Taking vitamin D supplements or finding a multivitamin that includes it can help us get through those dreary and long winter months.


Ginseng is a superfood that has become a lot more trendy as of yet but has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Modern studies have shown that the benefits of ginseng can range from enhancing cognitive function and attention, behaviour, memory ability, and mental health in general. Its ability to increase dopamine levels can greatly boost your mood and have a positive effect on your overall mental and physical health. You can steep it in tea or take a ginseng supplement to start out and see if it works for your body.


Alongside these essential nutrients that we should be aware of that aid our mood and mental health, there are other equally important vitamins and minerals that we should include in our diets. Calcium, folate, iron, vitamin B6 and B12, magnesium, and zinc are just a few of these nutrients to keep an eye out for or ensure that you take them all in the form of a multivitamin or supplement. Livli’s multivitamin helps to fill in those gaps if you can’t find all this goodness in your food. Livli’s multivitamins are designed to help boost your brain health, energy, metabolism, and protect your immune system.