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The Relationship Between Your Immune System & Viruses

It cannot be emphasized enough how important having a healthy immune system helps your body fight off viruses on a daily basis. By strengthening your immunity, it increases your body’s ability to fight off any viruses, flu, and/or infectious diseases. By understanding that your health directly affects your natural defenses, you will be better equipped this season to further fight the flu or any type of viral infection. While it is impossible to be fully resistant from viruses, as new strains arise (and we’re not invincible!), we can ensure that our immune systems are in tip-top shape and in an optimal condition to fight germs and illnesses. Washing our hands and cleaning ourselves is the most obvious way to kill bacteria, but there are other healthy choices we can make in our daily routines to boost our immune systems.

The human body’s immune system acts as the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your health from any external bacteria, germs, or viruses from entering your body. Like any good fighting strategy, it’s important to recall that a great offense is your best defense when it comes to fighting off colds, flu, and other illnesses. However, it isn’t as simple as eating an orange or bowl of spinach when you start to feel sick; it takes a long term commitment of daily healthy choices that add up to help recharge your immune system. Ensure that you are enriching your diet with the daily nutrients you need to stay healthy, getting enough sleep every night, and putting in your hours of exercise every week. A mix of all these activities, with the added help of supplements (such as Livli’s Multivitamin), are essential in maintaining your body’s immune system and kicking it into high gear.

Of course, it is beneficial to pack loads of vitamins and minerals in each of your meals, but it is just as vital to get the proper amount of rest. As busy adults, we often forget the impact that sleep can have on our bodies, especially in the long term, but with constant distractions in our digital age, we need to find time truly wind down and turn off our brains. In the time your body gets a full night rest, it uses this opportunity to restore, and rebuild your immune system making sure that you are flu-free during hours you are awake. For most adults, it is ideal to squeeze in 7-8 hours for a full night’s rest. When your body has a lack of sleep, it sends stressor signals to your immune system which causes your body to activate white blood cells and react as if you are actually sick. Tricking your body into thinking you are sick from a sleepless night is harmful to your immune system so give yourself a break and make sure that you have enough time to recharge.

In addition to making sure that you get proper sleep at night, it’s important to both your mental health and immune systems to try and avoid stress. Individuals who are more stressed out in their daily lives – whether it’s caused by work, relationships, or other external triggers, tend to get sick more easily and often. When our bodies are under stress, our immune systems are also activated, in a similar way that thinks your sick when you have a lack of sleep. Having prolonged anxiety and stress may cause cortisol to eventually suppress your immune cells; thus, making your body much more vulnerable to viruses and catching the flu.

The direct relationship between our immune systems and fighting off viruses and knowing how to boost our immunity is the best way we know how to keep our health in check. Even with your new lifestyle changes to maintain your health, it can be useful to give your body some extra help with Livli’s Multivitamin. With a combination of natural remedies, healthy habits, and supplements, you can supercharge your immune system to its optimal capabilities.