Is Livli for Me?

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All of us get munchies from time to time, especially at night.

Sometimes after cannabis use, sometimes – you just crave for snacks. It’s hard to control munchies! When we overeat, you always regret it the next day: feeling bloated and overweight.

That’s why we developed MunchAssist. Taking one capsule every day will help lowering your cravings, getting rid of bloating and managing your weight.

MunchAssist is a daily supplement and you will start noticing positive effects on your well-being after 2 weeks. Eat as much as you want without any consequences the next day. Live Livli!

MunchAssist is recommended for people who:
– get munchies after cannabis use and want to control the cravings
– get bloated and gain weight because of overeat
– want to control and manage their weight on a daily basis
– health-conscience people who work-out and do sports


Livli has been developed for people for whom it’s important to be both mentally and physically sharp on a daily basis.

Our lives are so busy that often we don’t have enough time to recover. A few of us have a luxury of getting 10 hour sleep on a daily basis or taking 2 month vacations. Livli is daily supplement recommended for people with active & busy lifestyles who seek more energy, focus and overall better well-being on a daily basis. In addition to vitamin C and B complexes in our formulation, organic nootropic herbs allows you to achieve these results fast.

Livli has additional benefits for people who consume cannabis or CBD. After using many cannabis strains, edibles or beverages, often we will become less sharp. Because cannabinoids stay in our system for up to 2 months, both regular AND occasion users will benefit from Livli. Who doesn’t need more energy?

If you don’t consume cannabis or CBD regularly, we will be able to enjoy the full benefits of the product on a daily basis. These include higher energy, better focus, metabolism and immune system

Multi Formula is recommended for people who:
– Professionals with stressful job environment
– Start-up families
– Health-conscious people who work-out and do sports
– Occasional cannabis and CBD consumers. If you consume every 2 months or more frequently, Livli is for you
– Regular cannabis and CBD consumers


DRY MOUTH provides an immediate and long-lasting relief from dry mouth symptoms, a condition when salivary glands in your mouth don’t produce enough saliva. There are multiple causes for the dry mouth including the use of cannabis & CBD, prescription and OTC drugs.

After cannabis consumption, many of us are used to get a bottle of water or beverage. However, liquids only hide the symptoms of dry mouth because they don’t increase saliva production. In return, limited saliva production can cause other complications to your body unless solved

We use only natural ingredient to activate the production and flow of saliva thus providing immediate and lasting relief from dry mouth symptoms. DRY MOUTH is meant to be taken on-the-go right after you experience the symptoms. Live Livli!

DRY MOUTH is recommended for:
– People experiencing dry mouth in course of taking medication
– Smokers and Herbal enthusiasts
– People diagnosed with dry mouth condition
– Health-conscious people who take care of their oral hygiene
– Who wants to feel fresh and confident in their daily life
– People looking for a healthy snack