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Ask Dr. Ana, ND

What’s the difference between LIVLI and other vitamin supplements?

LIVLI contains not only vitamins, but also minerals and herbs that are designed to combat the lingering after-effects of consuming cannabis. Other multi-vitamins on the market provide a source of nutrients that may be lacking in a standard diet of the general population, while our supplement line addresses specific nutrient requirements that the cannabis user inadvertently falls more

LIVLI targets lung health by providing a source of antioxidants; repletes minerals, amino acids and methyl donors required for activation and processing of cannabis; and supports neurological functions by both stimulating neurotransmitter synthesis and release. In addition to nutraceuticals, LIVLI formulations contain botanicals specifically targeted to boost energy, cognition and immune system, support metabolism and protect against neurodegeneration.
What are the key ingredients of the LIVLI supplements?

You’ll be pleased to learn that LIVLI supplements contain natural ingredients that target the organ systems often affected by cannabis consumption. These ingredients include read more

Vitamin B to support metabolism, antioxidants to support your immune system, and amino acids to support neurotransmitter functions.

Each product formula is also tailored with several evidence based medicinal herbs that are involved in mood regulation, energy production, and inflammation

Will taking LIVLI supplements ruin my high?

LIVLI’s daily supplements are designed to help the cannabis user gain the most out of the cannabis experience. Although these supplements are not expected to interfere with your high, we still advise to take the Livli supplements in the morning. read more

Dr. Ana Pargaru, ND

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Doc Thoughts

“Tyrosine may promote cognitive enhancement in inexpensive, efficient, and healthy ways.”

Dr. Lorenza Colzato, PhD,

University of Leiden,


“Bacopa monnieri is effective in enhancement of memory performance.”

Dr. John Stevens, PhD,

University of Southern Cross,


“Effects of Rhodiola Rosea may be associated with their antidepressant activity as well as their positive effects on mental performance under stress.”

Dr. Alexander Panossian, PhD,

Swedish Herbal Institute,


Supplement with Purpose

One of our founders, Dmitri has been involved in non-profit and charitable activities for over 15 years and we want to keep up this involvement. For every LIVLI purchase, we will keep $1 in a fund for organizations that need it.

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Our history with non-profits.

Our CEO, Dmitri, founded a charitable organization in 2006 to improve access of low-income families to free sports programs and sports summer camps. He is also President of Centre Solaris since 2007, Montreal Charity that runs anti-poverty programs, helps the unemployed, and runs children sports and summer camp programs for low-income families in Montreal, and organizes fund-raising events.

Are you part of a charitable organization?

For every LIVLI purchase, we will keep $1 in a fund and let it accumulate.  Contact us if you’re interested in receiving our donations.

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