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When your stomach is empty, your body produces a hormone known as ghrelin, which signals the brain to tell your body that you are hungry. Once your body has consumed enough food, it produces leptin through its fat cells, which triggers a satiety effect to notify the brain that you are full.

The issue with this is that as you consume more, your body creates more fat cells which causes an overabundance of leptin to be released in your body. This creates leptin resistance and makes leptin ineffective at regulating hunger control and the feeling of being full.

THC mimics the effects of ghrelin and acts on the same cannabinoid receptors in the body to trigger hunger – whether you are actually hungry or not. THC can also trigger the body to release more leptin, making it even harder for your body to control hunger and can lead to overeating, which can have negative effects such as insulin spikes, weight gain, lethargy, and more.

MunchAssist combines select ingredients that work to target these pain points.

Gymnema Sylvestre contain Gymnemic acids, which is best known for its effects on preventing the taste buds from being activated by sugar molecules, and limiting the absorption of these molecules by the intestines. This helps to limit cravings for sweets and regulating blood glucose levels by reducing the absorption of sugar into cells. Our formula contains 25% Gymnemic acid making it more concentrated than others in the market.

Dandelion root helps with water retention, which supports bloating and gas control. It is also known to have a satiate effect, which may be helpful during the munchies and late night cravings by making you feel fuller faster.

5-HTP has been shown to help regulate food intake, especially carbohydrates as well as aid in weight loss. 5-HTP is an immediate precursor to serotonin, which plays a vital role in regulating appetite, body temperature, mood, and the secretion of various hormones.

During food consumption (especially sweets and sugar), your body’s natural response is to raise insulin levels to help bring nutrients to your cells. During this process, the amino acid Tryptophan (one of the 9 essential amino acids our body needs) is not absorbed and instead is sent to the brain to signal the release of serotonin (the happy neurotransmitter), causing a feeling of satisfaction.


Cinnamon Bark is best known to help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels. One of the most common causes for ghrelin release and hunger (mainly sugar cravings) is a sudden drop in blood sugar, so by helping the body regulate blood sugar levels, you may help limit these cravings.

Chromium and Vanadium are two trace minerals responsible for helping the body to manage the metabolism of glucose.

Grains of paradise is included in this formula alongside cinnamon bark extract as activating brown fat tissue can help regulate blood sugar levels.


Cayenne and Saffron are known to have many health benefits such as antioxidant and mood boosting properties. They were included in this formula more so for their potential to aid in metabolism, thermogenesis and hunger control.

5-HTP : By taking 5-HTP, you can increase your serotonin levels which in turn may help to regulate your appetite and sugar cravings as well as boost your overall mood and sense of well-being.

Lemon Balm Extract is known to cause calming effects and help with relaxation, mood and mental balance. We added it to complement the mood-boosting effects of 5-HTP and formula as a whole.


Aframomum melegueta (Guinea-pepper, also known as Grains of Paradise) is very common in many fat burners and weight loss products for its toted ability to help activate brown fat tissue which is supposed to be responsible for activating the bodies caloric expenditures (burn more calories) which should lead to faster weight loss.

Grains of paradise is included in this formula alongside cinnamon bark extract as activating brown fat tissue can help regulate blood sugar levels.

By targeting this on multiple angles (other ingredients help as well) should not only help to regulate cravings but also balance out energy levels and make it easier for the body to utilise fat storage for energy