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How to Stop the Munchies When You’re High

It’s a stereotype because it truly happens. You get home to wind down for the evening and smoke a joint to relax but after a short while, the munchies hit you. You’re struck by a strong craving for all types of sweet or salty snacks and you can’t shake that pang of hunger. Next time you reach for the lighter, try out these tips to curb your appetite.

What are some easy ways I can keep myself from unnecessary snacking?


Strain Matters!

Not all types of cannabis will affect everyone the same; not all strains will give you the munchies and can keep you active/alert instead. Typically, a Sativa may energize you, while an Indica could mellow you out, draw you to the couch and make you crave a snack. However, every type of plant is unique to its user. Try various strains to see which works for you and responsibly enjoy the benefits of being high without constantly munching after a toke.

Timing is Key.

There are two ways to approach this attempt to stop your cravings while you’re high. Eat a substantial and satisfying meal to keep you full and unable to eat much more after having a smoke. Or, time your meals after your joint and feed your cravings with a proper meal. Enhance your dinner and take advantage of having the munchies instead of fighting them.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Naturally, if you stock your pantries full of unhealthy goodies, your high brain will gravitate towards them as soon as the hunger strikes. Set your treats aside and hide those temptations to keep them out of reach. Hopefully, being “couch-locked” will override your desire to hunt for the stash of junk food.

Stay Distracted.

Keep yourself busy by doing something else and do not let your mind wander about the food you wish you were eating. Playing video games, watching a movie, or even cleaning your house will get your mind thinking about something else without being distracted by junk food and treats.

Healthy Snacks.

Curb your appetite by giving yourself a healthy snack or something you can eat a lot of, without adding all the extra calories. Treat like nuts in the shell (which will keep your hands and fingers busy) and raw vegetables are a way to stay healthy if you still decide to snack. Filling your stomach with healthy calories and making you feel fuller while needing to actively prepare the snack will typically reduce your appetite after spending time to make it.

Finally, if you find yourself aimless snacking whenever those junk food cravings hit, consider trying an effective appetite suppressant supplement to curb your constant cravings. MunchAssist by Livli is a safe appetite suppressant to consume because it’s made with all-natural ingredients. Make yourself a “munchies-free” environment before that first toke, give MunchAssist a shot, and enjoy all the relaxing benefits of a smoke.