Supplements to Suppress Overeating While in Isolation

Supplements to Suppress Overeating While in Isolation

Now that we’re spending more time in our main domain with our snack stash within easy reach, it’s natural to feel more tempted to counter boredom and stress with a few extra bites. Your comfort food collection becoming more enticing since pre-isolation days is actually a science-backed phenomenon—bouts of isolation can create cravings similar to hunger, according to a timely study from MIT.

We know that healthy snacking has many benefits, but if your newly established eating habits tend to involve huge portions of indulgent treats that ought to be enjoyed in moderation, you might need to take some steps to keep those binge-eating episodes in check.

In that regard, there are supplements that offer a helping hand.

When paired jointly with ample hydration and a mindful eating regimen rich in incredibly filling foods, nutraceuticals like MunchAssist can effectively ease the munchies, deliver a host of important nutrients, and ultimately put a stop to overeating woes.

What makes supplements work is its ingredients. To give you an example, MunchAssist includes Gymnema Sylvestre, a plant known for its sweet tooth-inhibiting properties. One of its primary active constituents, gymnemic acid, blocks your taste buds’ sugar receptors and essentially strips those sweet treats of their appeal so you’re less tempted to make them a daily staple. If you do enjoy the occasional sugary nibble, Gymnema can keep the sugar off of your gut’s taste receptors, thus limiting their absorption and helping to maintain normal blood sugar levels post-snacking. Stabilizing your blood sugar is one of the ways to relieve symptoms of brain fog, which then empowers you to make better food choices overall.

Our eating habits and the subjective feeling of hunger are regulated by a number of hormones, one of which is insulin. This hormone enables your body to convert the food you eat into energy for your cells. Gymnema helps in maintaining healthy insulin levels by promoting the regeneration of pancreatic islets and stimulating insulin production. It also promotes a healthy insulin response and prevents insulin resistance, which is known to cause not just hunger but also sluggishness and fatigue.

Making sure that your meals and snacks give a healthy feeling of satiety is another key to making copious snacking much less enticing. The amino acid 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) plays an important role in achieving this. Your body uses 5-HTP to produce the happy chemical serotonin, dubbed as nature’s own appetite suppressant because it counteracts hormones that trigger hunger and essentially keeps you from consuming more calories than necessary.

When it comes to minimizing cravings, chromium has been shown to be a vital mineral. Chromium picolinate, its highly absorbable form, affects neurotransmitters that regulate mood and eating behavior. In collaboration with Vanadium, a mineral that can mimic many of insulin’s physiological effects, they create a joint partnership that curbs appetite and minimizes cravings by regulating both insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels.

Recent events might give us the impression that now is not the most ideal of times. But when we self-isolate, we not only help to flatten the curve. We are also given a unique opportunity to reassess our dietary approach and discover healthier ways to keep our spirits high. Staying hydrated, eating just the right amount of comfort food, and using supplements to fill in nutritional gaps are just some of the ways we can boost our well-being and make the most of our time spent at home.


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